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We will explore the infinite possibilities

It becomes important for companies in medical industry to have special structure internally in order to solve complex and diverse problems in the market. Quality of corporate organization will be increasingly called into question. Our organization consists of some business units to meet needs from market such as manufacturing tuning folks, diagnostic and medical instruments, importing medical devices and medical equipment from abroad, and providing medical information system service answering to growing information society. The each business unit mutually share customer information for further development. I am certain that we are fully able to contribute to society as a responsible company for healthcare future.

We are now challenging for making happen our concept Smart Instrument This concept is created as a result of working closely with our users or doctors. We are sure that we will be able to receive their well accep-tance.

Responding with Trust and Technology


Now is said to be "Century of Life" realizing tailor-made medical care adapting diagnosis and treatment to characteristics of disease at gene level. Furthermore, innovative medical technology is being expected to be spread out, such as regenerative medical techniques, cell therapy and etc. On the other hand, environment surrounding of healthcare is now significantly changing by increasing medical expenses against economic slowdown, elongating life expectancy and altering consciousness in society towards healthcare. People expect medical treatment less invasive, more safety, more economic. Under these circumstances, Niti-On promises to go future with development of advanced medical devices and innovative hospital equipment in cooperating with people from each academia and industry with unique material and process techniques. Our mission is to provide solution for various issues arising from medical practice with our experience in our cultivated craftsmanship and advanced medical engineering technology. We would like to be the one to support acute care hospitals to develop their future and improve their work safety and environment by newly innovated techniques from our studies and findings. In addition, we would like to be challenger in our business activities to do research, development, production and sales with borderless mind considering of expanding globalization.

Instrument designer Hiroshi Honda I'm your new Quatermaster

Development of innovative
instrument systems for minimally
invasive surgery


Our company has been founded since 1911 currently located in Funabashi near Tokyo. We have started with manufacturing surgical instruments (ENT) with craftsmanship technique. Over the years, our business has been expanded into Central Sterile Supply Department area with overseas suppliers' cooperation. We have been working hard to offer user-oriented instruments for solution as our company mission statement.

Company profile

Company Name NITI-ON CO.,LTD.
Established 1911
Headquarters 2-12-4 Sakae-cho,
Funabashi-shi Chiba 273-0018
TEL + 81(47)431-1871
FAX + 81(47)431-1878
Center Logstic center(Funabashi)
Technical development center(koriyama)
Branch Office Nagoya
(technical development center)
Number of employees 50
Officers President Honda Hiroshi
Directors Honda Emi
Directors Yoshihara Kumiko
Auditor Honda Akira
Objective Create NITI-ON own value uniting Japanese sensitivity and advanced
technology together
Partnership Always looking for overseas instituted